When We Cook, We Connect. When We Connect, We Heal.

Gather Culinary is an homage to my family, especially my grandparents, who gathered around tables, gardens, fields, milking stalls, and more. Gathering is powerful. It helps us connect and develop a community. Cooking, baking, and eating together create these connections. I hope you will check out my cooking classes, camps and retreats; let's connect and create a collective space to gather and foster community. 

As someone who has been a Culinary Instructor and certified high school culinary arts teacher for 26 years, I have seen the challenges people encounter in the kitchen - lack of time, not knowing what to make, feeling like you prepare the same thing over and over to not having culinary skills. My mission is to help you overcome these obstacles and cultivate confidence, creativity, and calm in the kitchen, and use cooking as the path towards connection and joy. In class, we focus on knife skills, techniques, seasonality, learning best shopping practices, and no-waste cooking. Showing you how to work with what you have on hand and learning to use recipes as a guide, knowing they are not concrete but helpful inspiration. You'll learn practical cooking strategies to help save time and money. 

These aren’t your typical cooking classes. You’ll question, learn, and deepen your knowledge, while learning to follow your intuition in a relaxed and nurturing environment. I am fully insured and have a ServSafe Manager Certification, as well as CPR/First Aid Certification. 

Email to say hi or if you have questions.  With love, Melanie