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                                       Ways to connect in April

Tuesday 4/19 7pm Rule Breaking Baking Demo on Kittch

Wednesday 4/20 12pm Stinging Nettle Pasta Demo on Kittch

Thursday 4/21 11am New Spins on Old Favorites Baking Class Zoom New Spins On Old Favorites | MelanieUnderwood

Saturday 4/23 11am Strawberry Semifreddo Demo on Kittch

Tuesday 4/26 7pm Gather Complimentary Cooking Class Book Classes | GATHER (

Wednesday 4/27 2:30pm Vegan Cookies Baking Class Zoom Vegan Cookies | MelanieUnderwood

Thursday 4/28 7pm IG Live Learn about using Chamomile in your cooking, baking, tinctures, even candles. Inspiring conversations with Allison Thomas Rodriguez (@thecrowdedcounter) • Instagram photos and videos

Save the Date:

Sunday 5/1 Cinco de Mayo Cooking Class

Wednesday 5/4 Baking with Vanilla Baking Class

Saturday 5/14 7pm Full Moon Dinner - The Flower Moon

Tuesday 5/17 Biscotti Baking Class



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