Gather is a place where you are heard and supported. Through cooking and baking, we’ll convene and explore what is happening in the world around us, and in our own worlds. Whether you’re experienced in culinary arts or completely new to the journey, each month we will meet to celebrate each other in a respectful and fun space.
While food is our jumping off point, this series is so much more - this is about nourishing yourself and one another.  Each monthly series will explore  different themes and take on a unique tone, guided by the collective needs of the group.  Monthly access is $25 for a four-week series and includes all live events and recipes.
A week-by-week look at this series.



Rule Breaking

Sometimes we get too caught up in the idea that there’s a right and wrong way to do things, or our thinking gets really rigid. For our first week, we’ll explore cooking and baking without recipes or rules, allowing you to create with what you have. Learn to trust yourself and your instincts, and try something different in a supportive format.



Discovering the Unknown

We are often intimidated by what we don’t immediately know or understand. But curiosity about others helps us build intellectual and emotional capacity, and is the first step to connecting with others outside our own culture. For week two will spend this time digging deeper into other cultures to discover and celebrate the culinary traditions that came before us.



Culinary Sharing

This is a time to peel back our layers, share with one another and further build trust.  Sharing Circles are a simple and profound tool that can initiate the journey towards clear, confident, and fluid communication.




We’ll close out each month in a unique way. We might discuss a book or movie we collectively have experienced, or discuss music or art. We might have guest speakers or invite others for discussion that offer culinary insight and inspiration. Whether group discussion or Q and A, we’ll end the series grounded, confident, and creatively invigorated.