Gather is a one-on-one weekly 90 minute virtual class where we are both committed to your culinary journey and growth. A place where you are heard and supported. Through cooking and baking, we’ll convene and explore cooking without recipes and using what is in your pantry - developing a sense of calm, confidence, and creativity in the kitchen. Whether you’re experienced in culinary arts or completely new to the journey, each week we will meet to celebrate each other in a respectful and fun space.

While food is our launching point, this is so much more - this is about nourishing yourself and connecting not only with ourselves but also with our food.  The rate for this 4 class series is 750.

A minimum one month commitment is required. $For a group class, please inquire about pricing. A week-by-week look at this series.




In this first lesson, we will get to know each other another, discuss culinary techniques, as well as what and how you usually cook. Followed by a demonstration of knife skills and various culinary techniques.




We are often intimidated by what we don’t immediately know or understand. But curiosity helps us build intellectual and emotional capacity and is the first step to connecting with others. For week two we will spend this time digging deeper into cooking techniques, health and wellness, recipes, and cooking from your pantry.




This is a time to peel back our layers, r and further build trust in yourself and your cooking.  Bring a recipe forth that you have struggled with or felt intimated by and we will make it work or we will work with ingredients you have in your home - no recipe required. We will continue to further work on technique and how to bring calm into the kitchen - even with a hectic schedule. 




Sometimes we get too caught up in the idea that there’s a right and wrong way to do things, or our thinking gets really rigid. For our last week, we’ll explore cooking and baking without recipes or rules, allowing you to create with what you have while continuing to learn technique and knife skills. Learn to trust yourself and your instincts and try something different in a supportive format. We’ll end the series grounded, confident, and creatively invigorated.